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On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 16:57, Patrick Mc(avery
<> wrote:
> On 11-10-12 03:04 PM, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
>>> And beside, why do I have to buy a book written by a Brazilian
>>> guy from Amazon, shipped from USA !?!? It is a bit crazy... :(
>> Because Ligthning Source is in the USA. There is no similar service here
>> in Brazil. (There are print-on-demand companies in Brazil, but they only
>> sell the book through their own sites. Moreover, big bookstores here in
>> Brazil do not sell self-published books.)
>> -- Roberto
> With Canada being so close to the US, this idea has little value here but I
> would be happy to stock 5 or 10 pil books here on this side of the border. I
> have a credit card merchant account to process transactions with.
> Perhaps if others could do this sort of thing in countries further from the
> US it would help with distribution.
> Steve, again if you wrote a book, I could do the same for you-Patrick

If anyone in Russia wants a PiL 2 and can't use Amazon for some
reason, drop me a line privately, I'll help.