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Thanks Dirk, Xavier, Sean, Peter and Petite Abeille

Based on feedback, I am thinking of a new scheme:

Drop the caps, they are indeed ugly and anything that is reminiscent of Windows has to go
GPIB_talk -> gpib_talk

I like the idea of truncating over the randomness of attempts to represent full words with less letters. I like the idea of prefixing names from the library code they were called from(although my previous examples did not obey this) but a single truncating value might not work.

What about this?(again fictitious names)

#include "kernel1"

#include "gpib4"

The number that the include file ends in would match the truncation of characters in it's variable name prefixes. I should also mention that I am planning on writing a large number of tiny functions(perhaps 1000) so this naming convention issue is quite import to keep order.

As Dirk had mentioned, I could rework a syntax highlighting file, in this case to match prefixes before the underscore.

Thanks for the link too, P.A, I am guilty as charged on several of these!