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There is always the pdf version.  If you have an email and a paypal
account or something, that should be all you need.  I find the pdf
version super useful since the table of contents can be in the left
pane and allow hyperlinknig.

2011/10/12 Ezequiel García <>:
> --- El mié 12-oct-11, Javier Guerra Giraldez <> escribió:
>> De: Javier Guerra Giraldez <>
>> Asunto: Re: PiL 1
>> Para: "Lua mailing list" <>
>> Fecha: miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011, 15:09
>> 2011/10/12 Ezequiel García <>:
>> > Mmm... didn't try that actually. I expected to walk
>> into a bookshop
>> > and just buy a book. Maybe I am just too lazy ?
>> i'm too lazy for bookshops :-)  that's why i'd love to
>> buy on amazon,
>> but shipping to Perú is often more expensive than the
>> book.
> Pil 2 book is 24 USD in Amazon. That's like 100 of my money, the cost
> of any decent book. So it is very affordable.
> But as Javier says, shipment is expensive. And then comes taxes.
> I don't know what the total cost of the book would be.
> I believe buying a book should be a little easier.
> Not to mention not everyone owns a credit card.
> And beside, why do I have to buy a book written by a Brazilian
> guy from Amazon, shipped from USA !?!? It is a bit crazy... :(