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The content of LuaForge has been migrated to a different set of
servers and is now running in a much simplified configuration. The new
setup reduces the scope of services quite a bit, but what is still
available should now be more manageable and sustainable. You can find
more information at this page:

To sum it up, though:

1. The content has been preserved (for the most part) and old URLs
should generally either be working or redirecting to the closest
match. In particular, all old URLs for file downloads should still
work. If you find that some URLs don't work, let me know off-list and
I'll investigate.

2. It is now possible to update the content, though for the time being
doing so will require sending me a request by email. (There will
hopefully be a way for project owners to do this by themselves
eventually, but not for a few weeks at least.)

3. All mailing lists run on LF have been shut down. Please see the
link above for the possible next steps.

4. Visually, the new site is on the ugly side. If you want to
volunteer your artistic talents, please let me know. Or if you want to
help by going and checking whether information in the catalog is up to

Please contact me off-list if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

  - yuri