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> OK, I tried luatrace but I have no idea how to get it to work.
> Has anyone used it together with visual studio to profile embedded Lua scripts?
> Can that possible someone help me through it?

I have never profiled Lua script, and I do not know luatrace, the
package I suggest you.
But I have some experience in embedding Lua libraries in applications.
The difficulty really depends on your application.

Do you link statically Lua into the program? In this case, you have to
integrate the C code of luatrace into your project.
And you will have to add the luaopen_? function into your linit.c.
If the link is toward Lua5.1.dll, you probably can use the makefile
from the library (but use the same compiler!).
And depending on your LUA_PATH, you will have to place the library Lua
files into that path.
Good luck.