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On Sat, Oct 1, 2011 at 6:27 PM, Alessandro Delgado <> wrote:
>By the way, I am planning to use the BFS filesystem (used by the Haiku OS and by old BeOS), because its support of extended >attributes is absolutely the best among all the filesystems. Do you think that using this filesystem would make the things too >complicated for the Lua developer? I mean, as compared to manipulating extended attributes on the common Linux filesystems.

Lua does not support filesystems.

AFAIK most people who need this feature use the LuaFileSystem module,
that provides this support.
I do not know if it supports extended attributes. I also don't know if
it supports BFS.



--Alessandro Delgado

You could also use os.execute if LFS doesn't feel like cooperating. Not an optimal solution by any means, but it's easy to work with and pretty reliable as long as you're only targeting your own machine.