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this is great!

I play a game called Garry's Mod which inspired me to learn Lua and get into programming. And here I am, now using C++ and Lua. There's something about this sandbox thing I love so much. Creating and sharing on the fly with other people. In Garry's Mod we have made an in game lua editor, which lets you run code on client and server state. The script you're writing is also visible above the players head, and you have some variable which are used for the player entity running the script or where the player is aiming at. ( this:remove() )

Originally Garry's mod is more code and restart oriented (unintentionally I guess), but you can make tools that will let you script in game and update code on the fly. Coding like this sparks a lot of ideas and it's overall fun and easier to debug and manage.

On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 6:15 AM, Erik Cassel <> wrote:
We embedded Lua in our online game ROBLOX several years ago. It's been
a great fit and I'm thrilled we chose it.

By now thousands of our users - pre-teens and teenagers - have written
countless lines of Lua to make games that they share with others.

We recently made a promotional video from footage taken during a
conference we hosted. The conference was like an ordinary developer
conference, except that about half the attendees where under 13.
Anyway, it struck me that the video highlights Lua and that you might
like it:
*** Skip to 1:32 to see our young users talking about Lua ***

Thanks for being a great community!

Erik Cassel