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On 24/09/2011 09:54, Jeremy P. E. Davis wrote:
I downloaded the later versions of LUA from your website, (5.0 and
higher) but it’s a “GZ” file and windows 7 won’t let me open it, Is it
not usable on windows 7 or should I use a program like notepad to open it?

For the record (most people on this list are sensible to this...), the language name is Lua, it is not an acronym.

As said, you should get a good archive manager, and 7-Zip is a great choice, that's the first thing I install on a new (Windows) computer. And, beside, as said, you should go directly at the Lua binaries, of high quality.

And if you want to program in Lua (welcome!), I recommend to use a good text editor, Notepad being the worst thing you can find in the field... :-)

I personally use SciTE[1], but some people can find it a bit... rustic, as you don't have classical options/settings dialog but instead powerful text files for fine grained settings. One advantage of SciTE is that it uses Lua as scripting language!

Another good choice, more "classical", is Notepad++[2], based on the same edit component, so with great support of Lua.

Of course, both are free, and even open source. And there are many alternatives, everybody has a personal opinion on their favorite editor.

Happy Lua hacking, and don't hesitate to ask questions here, people are friendly and helpful.


Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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