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Incidentally, IntelliJ IDEA has a Lua module now. (I love IDEA more
than my own grandmother so I never cease recommending it to everyone.)

The Lua module is not as super-polished as the Java section of the
IDE... but it does work quite well. (Don't know how it stacks up to
the other solutions.) And I can manage Java and Lua in one project
which is obviously neat for my Java-Lua happy-marriage-thingie.

> it’s a “GZ” file

A note to the OP: You might consider setting up a virtual Linux PC
(through VirtualBox) in your Windows 7. Just play around with it,
you're safe, you can't break anything. It's fun and you will get
accustomed to Unix file formats like GZ in no time. Incidentally, I
have a Lua-oriented Linux distribution under development that you
might like to give a spin (incredibly how I sneaked that one in, eh?


On Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 12:53 PM, Philippe Lhoste <> wrote:

> And if you want to program in Lua (welcome!), I recommend to use a good text
> editor, Notepad being the worst thing you can find in the field... :-)
> I personally use SciTE[1], but some people can find it a bit... rustic, as
> you don't have classical options/settings dialog but instead powerful text
> files for fine grained settings. One advantage of SciTE is that it uses Lua
> as scripting language!