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Good afternoon,

I've been watching this debate... and like everyone else I have an opinion.

A software project, any software project, that you use for free, is under no obligation to provide you anything.

You might wish for binaries for your platform.  They might make your life easier.  But under no circumstances are you entitled to anything.

The project owner gets to decide what he/she/they want to release to the public.

Even if every user of a an open source software product wants binaries for a given platform, the projects owner is under no obligation to provide such.

The reason I laid that all out above is that I get the feeling from the various emails that some folks feel they are entitled to binaries, or entitled to a response from the projects owner.  In my opinion that is not valid in any way.  The project owner doesn't owe anyone a response or a change to the way the project is built or delivered.

If you really feel that a particular project needs to produce binaries for your platform, then feel free to jump in and provide them rather than whine about not having them.

Just my .02.