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Trying to steer the thread away from the nasty vibe I'm reading into the last few messages... If it doesn't work, just ignore me ;-)

Hehe:)  That was fun. Now, can Mike please finally link to some
binaries? And why isn't he even responding?

Do you insist on "official" binaries? It seems pretty clear to me (if just from the lack of response, I'm pretty sure Mike reads these messages) that Mike is not interested in providing binaries himself. And really, your way of arguing your cause certainly isn't going to convince him otherwise (no offense intended). Anyway I previously replied that I've started publishing binaries of Lua 5.1, LuaJIT 1 and LuaJIT 2 on my homepage at the following address:

I believe this is as good as it's going to get; the Lua team nor Mike are interested in publishing binaries, so either you get them from some random person on the web (for example me) or you find out how to build it yourself (this thread has given plenty of hints).

 - Peter Odding