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> What? It's not a product? Of course it's a product. Sorry, but are you
> a little crazy?

Stefan, IMHO you should really work on your attitude, this is no way
people used to treat each other here and attacking steve is uncalled
for. This is not the first time I notice this kind of agressiveness
from you

> Oh yeah, like grown-ups must prove to themselves they are grown-ups by
> compiling everything. Soo impressive!! I am stunned beyond words what
> manly beings these people are. Never go the easy way - or the way that
> makes sense. Always make everything harder for everyone!

same goes to sarcasm.

> Hehe :) That was fun. Now, can Mike please finally link to some
> binaries? And why isn't he even responding?

and now impatience. I don't even understand why it had to be an "open"
letter and you needed an audience for all this, an email to Mike
personally might have been more appropriate and more likely would have
netted in you in answer than public framing.

Furthermore I fully agree with Paul and continue, I suppose anything
that has been said in this matter has been said, and its unlikely we
get anything productive out of this from this point on. So please let
us have this thread die.