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On 09.09.2011 17:21, Stefan Reich wrote:
> Dear Mike!
> I have to ask you this question directly as it has had me very
> puzzled. (Sent to the list in CC because I like things to happen
> publicly :])
> You have a very good product - an excellent product even. From what
> I've gathered and from some of the tech talk you wrote about it,
> LuaJIT is an extremely professional undertaking.
> You seem like a true professional compiler writer. I know this field a
> little and I can tell when I see quality compiler engineering.
> That said, I really wonder about your distribution stance with regards
> to LuaJIT. Why no binaries...?
> This just makes it hard to use your product. It hinders adoption. I
> had to ask on a mailing list before I could use your software. Is that
> the way you want this?
> Why not just publish binaries?

You could write exactly the same about Lua itself. Check out this page:

> For you, making binaries is a trivial exercise, as you know the
> product inside out and you're actually producing them all the time
> anyway.

I think you should better direct your letter to the LFW team.