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On 9/4/11 6:57 PM, Dirk Laurie wrote:
On Sun, Sep 04, 2011 at 04:25:21PM +0200, liam mail wrote:
On 4 September 2011 13:52, Philippe Lhoste<>  wrote:
IIRC, this topic has been raised not so long ago.

Just to clear any confusion the topic of a licence used by code
addons/modules were discussed recently, whilst this issue is separate
to to that in that the wiki has no content licence at all from what
can be seen. As pointed out by Martijn this is a real problem and it
maybe better in the long run to throw all the code away and start
again, unless people want to chase down all contributors.

and Martin Schröder wrote:
And I would fire any employee using code by a third party without a
clear license.

I would go further than Martin.  I would fire any employee using
Wiki code on a cut-and-paste basis, even if there is a license.
Heck, it's like accepting free candy from a stranger.  Anybody
could have tampered with it.

Not wiki, but some SDKs require boilerplate code, that is not easy to reproduce, and not there is no win in learning reproducing this code (it's used usually in rare cases - initialization, finalization, handling exceptional situations).

It's actually better if the programmer followed the recommended boilerplate code... If later that one turned out to be not valid in all situations (usually new ones) it can be found and replaced easier.

I've experienced this (and was against it in my earlier years) with the console games development.

Handling I/O, custom music soundtrack, change of disks, even handling sound buffers (XBOX damn) was all boilerplate code. I wasn't very proud, but if something wasn't working I could point easier my fingers (although sometimes I would get - well this is just for demonstration purposes)....