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On 9/5/2011 4:48 AM, Dimiter "malkia" Stanev wrote:
> Handling I/O, custom music soundtrack, change of disks, even handling
> sound buffers (XBOX damn) was all boilerplate code. I wasn't very
> proud, but if something wasn't working I could point easier my fingers
> (although sometimes I would get - well this is just for demonstration
> purposes)....

I got burned by that years ago on Game Boy Advance: Their sample code
for networking was hopelessly broken, and I assumed that the underlying
network interface was just flaky, and tried to work around it. It was
just the code was wrong, though, and fixing the code made it work close
to 100% reliably.

I guess the code with English comments that they gave us wasn't the
final code used in their Japanese games. Wasted weeks on that issue. :(