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Lorenzo Donati <> wrote:
> It's unfortunate that C standards are not freely available as other
> computer-related standards.

C standards development is relatively open - see

You can get free copies of the editor's drafts if you dig through the
committee's meeting documents (look for the name "Jones"). Just before the
standard is finalized these are basically the same as the version
published by ISO. For instance, the final version of C99 with all three
technical corrigenda folded in is available from

There's also a draft of C1x if you want to have a look at the future -
this is pretty much the final draft standard except that it includes
change marks from the previous draft.

I haven't been able to obtain an electronic copy of C89, though I did get
a paper copy from BSI which at one point they were selling cheap. (Not any
more, sadly - they now demand the princely sum of 250 pounds sterling.)

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