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The problem is solved under several perspectives. Your code works very well. By means of it and the link on wave format, I can study the subject more deeply. Thank you for the extreme attention.

I liked the usage of "sub". When data is string, "sub" is used to delimite a portion of text. As the data is binary, "sub" is used to capture a peace of data between two positions in bytes.

I have never neeeded to deal with binary data, so the "rb" and "wb" don't make much sense for me. Now, I have a very good application.

And I have also "sox", a very workable feature.

yes, success is complete! Thank for all!

Em 04-09-2011 13:27, Lorenzo Donati escreveu:
On 04/09/2011 16.59, Luciano de Souza wrote:

Try this and see if it helps.

Change the path1/path2 locals to point to your files or make a better script by taking the paths from the cmd line!

Note: uses info from the link posted by Patrick:

-- Lorenzo