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Hi list !

I am *very* happy to announce a major leap forward for the dubLua
bindings generator for C++ code. The most important enhancement is the
support for 'super' and 'bind' settings in the class documentation:

/** Foobar is a special widget that flashes with advertisement about
lottery winnings.
 * @dub super: 'QObject, QWidget'
 *            bind: 'Foobar.yml'
class Foobar : public QWidget {
  Foobar() {}
  void size();

When this is parsed by Doxygen and the bindings are generated by dub,
all methods declared for QObject and QWidget in their respective
headers (or pseudo-headers) will be bound to the Foobar class.

Moreover if you want to have some more Luaish bindings (return
multiple values, work on tables, etc), you can define the binding in a
yaml file (in the same directory as the header):

  # dub automatically detects and parses the arguments and checks their type
  # we only need to write the body
  doSomething: |
    lua_pushnumber(L, self->width());
    lua_pushnumber(L, self->height());
    return 2

This might no seem very impressive but it really makes bindings with
some customization to existing libraries (Qt) much easier...



==== What is dub ?

Dub is a Ruby gem that creates Lua bindings by reading the output from
Doxygen (a C++ header parser). It is used extensively in Lubyk to
create all the bindings. The documentation is so bad currently that
either you manage to read the code in lubyk
( or you
can just email me for help...