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On 04/09/2011 18.31, Dirk Laurie wrote:
Since a C "char" is not a Lua "character", consider using
"byte" instead of "character" at the following places:

under Lexical Conventions, in "a character in a literal string"
under lua_pushfstring
under lua_tolstring
under luaL_addchar
under String Manipulation, first paragraph (twice)
under string.byte
under string.char
under file:read()   (twice)

Also, under string.char, consider changing the last sentence to:
"Note that the characters corresponding to numerical codes are
not necessarily portable across platforms. "


IIRC C standard doesn't guarantee that a char is the same size of a byte, although that's almost ubiquitous. So a "char" could be not a "byte" on some exotic platforms.

So, e.g., in luaL_addchar saying:

"Adds the byte c to the buffer..." would be plainly wrong in those exotic cases.

-- Lorenzo