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On 31/08/11 00:48, Elias de Oliveira wrote:
> Hello again, i've been reading and testing the moai on a windows
> vm(cus i use linux), but it's seems very stupid use a vm with windows
> + cygwin(it's necessary for android development) in a linux.

moai.exe actually runs pretty well under Wine, GLES 2 shaders and all
(that's what I do). That said, apparently the core Linux stuff is all
done and should be coming Real Soon Now.

> I'm studying the possibility to use only opengl + Lua to write some
> simple test games for android, this is the best way? There's some
> other good game engine that i can code on my linux?

The thing about game engines is that there's always more to it than just
hooking up OpenGL to the Lua VM --- there's stuff like input event
handling and application lifecycle management and resource loading and
so on. It's perfectly possible to do this yourself, but it's so much
easier to let someone else do it instead. Plus with Moai you get a
physics engine and a really nice scene graph model for free.

As far as 2D engines are concerned --- the only other open source one I
know of is Löve, but I don't think that runs on Android.

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