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Here's my revised execution function. Everything seems to work until I get to the pcall, where it fails. What am I doing wrong here? Also, if there is a way to make this cleaner/remove the meta table after I'm done executing, I'd appreciate any advice.
void Script::Execute(Entity* obj, const std::string &code)
  std::cout << "Executing " << code << std::endl;
  char id[16];
  World* world = World::GetPtr();

//we need to create a new metatable for the object so we have a sanitary execution context.
  if (!obj)
      std::cout << "Invalid object." << std::endl;
  if (obj->IsPlayer())
      memcpy(id, obj->GetName().c_str(), obj->GetName().length());
      NumberToString(id, obj->GetOnum());
  if (!luaL_newmetatable(state, id))
      std::cout << "Could not create metatable." << std::endl;
      std::cout << id << std::endl;
  lua_pushstring(state, "__index");
  lua_pushvalue(state, LUA_GLOBALSINDEX);
  lua_settable(state, -3); //table is at -1 again

//we load our code to be executed.
  if (!luaL_loadbuffer(state, code.c_str(), code.length(), "execution"))
//we set the table
      lua_getmetatable(state, -2);
//now we setfenv
      lua_setfenv(state, -2); //the function is back at -1
//we call the code.
      if (lua_pcall(state, 0, 0, 0))
          std::cout << "pcall failed." << std::endl;
          world->WriteLog(lua_tostring(state, -1), SCRIPT, "script");
          lua_gc(state, LUA_GCCOLLECT, 0);


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