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Hi Marc,

On 8/27/11 2:34 AM, Marc Balmer wrote:
Am 27.08.11 11:29, schrieb steve donovan:
On Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 11:22 AM, Marc Balmer<>  wrote:
How difficult would it be to make Lua true multithreaded?  I know that
is against the intentions of the inventors, but have experiments been
done in this direction?

There is Diego Nehab's LuaThread:

Remember that it enforces a global interpreter lock and so the
performance will reflect that.

Thank you!  As you may know I am working with Lua in the NetBSD kernel,
which is a heavily threaded environment and I need mutexes anyway to
make it mp safe...

Not beeing able to run multiple threads is seen as a disadvantage,
there, but thats a different story ;)

Wouldn't it be possible if each physical thread has it's own lua runtime, and you communicate through messages?