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On 8/25/11 12:59 AM, Alex Queiroz wrote:

On Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 9:55 AM, steve donovan
<>  wrote:

I've sometimes pondered the possibility of a lightweight Lua GUI kit
that provided an abstraction over a native back-end, e.g. the Windows
version would use the Windows API, the Linux version would use GTK, OS
X would use Cocoa. Just the basic common functionality, emphasis on
small footprint.

      Sounds like IUP.

How is IUP on OSX, if it's there does it use X11 - sometimes I want this feature, but most of the times I would not want to distribute OSX apps with X11 support - people just don't want it. (now I want it for other reasons).

So anyone how's the state of IUP on OSX?