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On 8/14/2011 6:31 PM, Lars Doelle wrote:
From: Lorenzo Donati

-- Copyright (c) 2011 Lars Dölle
hereby granted.

Anyway, to be fair, It wasn't necessary. I stand corrected, as you may
have read in another branch of this thread. Thus sorry for the noise.
Thus each and every source of cause contains such a note. For the posting
of the mail-list, i retained the copyright as an originator notice, and thought,
a license would be implicitly granted for use of discussion. [snip]

But if you are thinking to have some claim over any kind of _mechanism_, then I think there are going to be *big* issues...

Now having a strong GPL background, i would not license my work under
MIT/X11 and wonder, if this would be considered a violation of habits,
thus making a publication partically useless. Could anyone please tell me
if there's a common position here on this matter.

Discussing mechanisms and talking about code with GPL? That's an even bigger problem, a 30-ton brontosaurus.

Of course I have uses for GPL too, but I have huge reservations about what you are doing.

How much of copyright law do you know?

I'll try to stay out of the discussion anyways.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia