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On 13/08/2011 22.38, Lars Doelle wrote:
From: Lorenzo Donati<>

-- Copyright (c) 2011 Lars Dölle<>

Please, avoid posting copyrighted material, even if the copyright is
yours. It is very bad netiquette.


Since you are new to the list I assume it was a mistake, but remember
that snippets posted to the list are assumed to be public domain.

hereby granted.

Thank you.

Anyway, to be fair, It wasn't necessary. I stand corrected, as you may have read in another branch of this thread. Thus sorry for the noise.

BTW, I don't know if it is just a problem of mine, since no-one else has complained yet, but it seems your mail client breaks the discussion thread. That is, every reply you send starts a new thread, instead of following the old one (in your replies' mail headers the field "in-reply-to" is missing).

If this is a problem on your side, consider that it is very difficult to follow a thread in this way. Usually there is an option to "reply to mailing list", instead of "reply to", which should set the mail headers in the correct way.


-- Lorenzo