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Great work Eric, I'm impressed.
Would it be possible to provide support for a standalone Lua module
instead of bundling LuaCocoa with lua, lpeg and olua? I'm not to keen
on using module specific interpreters and would welcome being able to
simply require LuaCocoa from the standard Lua interpreter.


On Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 11:38 AM, Eric Wing <> wrote:
> I am happy to announce the third public release of LuaCocoa (v. 0.3).
> This version is mostly a Xcode 4 and Lion compatibility release, but
> also includes a handful of improvements.
> LuaCocoa is a next generation Lua/Objective-C bridge that uses
> BridgeSupport and libffi on Mac OS X to provide full automatic
> bindings to Objective-C and the more difficult areas of the platform
> such as functions, macros, structs, constants, enums, etc. LuaCocoa is
> under the MIT License.
> Release Notes for v 0.3: (Xcode 4 / Lion compatibility changes, final
> PowerPC release?)
> - Changed LuaCocoa to use the non-'Full' .bridgesupport files instead
> of the 'Full' bridgesupport files because Lion removed the 'Full'
> versions without warning.
>        - As fallout from this change, LuaCocoa no longer requires Obj-C
> classes to be fully specified in BridgeSupport data to refer to them
> in Lua code (i.e. Using NSClassFromString to refer to a is no longer
> necessary to refer to an unspecified class.)
> - Added new Xcode 4 project to deal with Xcode 4 compatibility, plus
> minor Xcode script phase compatibility fixes.
>        - This might be the last PowerPC release because building PowerPC is
> hard in Xcode 4 and Lion
> - Remove use of helper categories in LuaCocoa implementation to avoid
> headaches with static linking.
> - Added APIS: LuaCocoa_PrependToLuaSearchPath,
> LuaCocoa_PrependToCSearchPath, LuaCocoa_AppendToCSearchPath. These
> APIs help you add more search paths for Lua plugins and Lua files.
>        - The LuaCocoa class will add the .app bundle's PlugIns path to the
> begining of the search path.
>        - The luacocoa shell tool has been modified to look in
> */Library/Application Support/LuaCocoa/PlugIns for additional .so
> modules, and */Library/Application Support/LuaCocoa/Scripts for
> additional .lua scripts.
> - Bug fix for returning const char* (strings) through the bridge, e.g.
> nstring:UTF8String().
> - Added new preprocessor define LUACOCOA_DONT_USE_BUNDLED_LUA_HEADERS
> so #include "lua.h" can be used instead of <LuaCocoa/lua.h> in case
> people need to use a custom version of Lua which is not located in a
> LuaCocoa subdirectory (for people building LuaCocoa themselves).
> - Optional Source Code: Added simple lua_isinteger implementation to
> stand in for projects that need LuaCocoa but use a stock version of
> Lua without LNUM. It is located the the directory: 'etc'
> - Updated bundled LPeg to 0.10.
> - Doxygen (in repo): Experimenting with man page generation in
> addition to html and Xcode DocSets
> To learn more about LuaCocoa and grab the binaries, please visit:
> -Eric
> --
> Beginning iPhone Games Development