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Here's my thoughts from reading the reference;
- I don't really like the unary negation in because there's always people
  that will write it either x-y or x - y and while I don't object with using
  whitespace and line endings as a part of the control flow I think this is
  just like something silly like not allowing x( y ) and enforcing x(y).
  Wouldn't this already be solved by doing x(-10) (or x(- 10) or x( -10 ) or
  x( - 10 ) in moonscript?
- Same for strings as first argument. I think this is too special of a case of
  making a problem of to solve because it doesn't even apply to second to n'th
  arguments. I'd much prefer requiring a space just as with non string
- a\b! --> a:b() doesn't feel 'natural'. b doesn't seem 'connected' to a. Guess
  this feeling will pass when I've used moonscript for a while.

2011/8/13 Pierre-Yves Gérardy <>:
> 2011/8/13 Pierre-Yves Gérardy <>:
>> * In tables, make the square brackets optional for string literals (I
>> think it is unambiguous).
> I meant in table keys.
> -- Pierre-Yves