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On 13/08/11 19:53, Lorenzo Donati wrote:
> Really? This comes new to me! You mean that some snippets could be, say,
> GPLed and could have been fed to the community without a warning?
> What is the implicit license if someone doesn't declare one then?

In theory, none --- without a license, the code cannot be redistributed
at all.

In practice, stuff sent to a mailing list is presumed to have an
implicit license allowing it to be used in a reasonable manner, so
nobody cares if we reuse small snippets of code. For anything
substantial --- and yes, the definition of 'reasonable' and
'substantial' does depend on how well paid your lawyers are --- it is
important to be more careful.

Um... this advice is redistributable under the terms of the CC0 Creative
Commons License (all rights possible waived).

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