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On 13/08/2011 20.33, Rob Kendrick wrote:
On Sat, Aug 13, 2011 at 06:28:38PM +0200, Lorenzo Donati wrote:
On 13/08/2011 15.36, Lars Doelle wrote:

-- ------------------------------------------------------
-- [ToData.lua]
-- Copyright (c) 2011 Lars Dölle<>
-- ------------------------------------------------------


Please, avoid posting copyrighted material, even if the copyright is
yours. It is very bad netiquette.

Everything posted to this list is copyrighted, explicitly labeled or

Really? This comes new to me! You mean that some snippets could be, say, GPLed and could have been fed to the community without a warning?

What is the implicit license if someone doesn't declare one then?

I don't like having in my mail archive copyrighted material with
unknown license which I haven't asked for.

Since you are new to the list I assume it was a mistake, but
remember that snippets posted to the list are assumed to be public

Most legal jurisdictions do not have a concept of "public domain" that
people can simply place new creations under.

Yes, I know that there are some jurisdiction mismatches across countries, sadly we cannot do anything about it :-(

By default, you have no rights to do anything what-so-ever with material
sent to you.
Sorry, but this is really bad news. So if I asked for help and someone sent me on this list a snippet to solve the problem then my code could have been "infected" with unknown licensing term?!?

I would like to see a court rule against somebody for
archiving unsolicited content sent to them, though!

Yes, of course. I wasn't worried really about archiving, but later unintentional "reusing".


-- Lorenzo