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From: Gabriel Duarte
Date: 8/12/2011 7:44 AM
Take a look at this:

This list is missing the excellent Tilde debugger/IDE ( I have a forked version of it ( with a bunch of incoming changes that haven't been pushed yet and more I still need to work on. LuaPlus uses it as its default debugger ( and and, through #define LUA_TILDE_DEBUGGER 1).

Given that it is C#, I want to spend some time making it work in Mono.

I tried to get in touch with the authors of Tilde at the email address in their presentation to see if they have an update, but I never received a response.

My current list of things to fix/update are:

* Allow .vcproj folder hierarchy lookups for files being debugged from the game instead of matching against the RelativePath field. (Done)
* Auto-connect to the last used connection.
* When lines are inserted/deleted above breakpoints, the breakpoint images shift, but Tilde does not update the breakpoint locations to send across the network.
* Add conditional breakpoints.
* Add coroutine-local breakpoints.
* Add a registry viewer.
* Add a Run to Cursor command.
* Add a global environment viewer. (Can currently be achieved by entering _G in the Watch Window.)
* Tooltip hover of variable's value in the code editor.
* Custom visualizers.
* Direct support for multiple Lua states within the same Tilde instance.