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On 10 August 2011 12:44, Natanael Copa <> wrote:
On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 11:10 AM, Robert G. Jakabosky
<> wrote:
> Announcing lua-zmq & lua-zmq-threads release 1.1
> This release fixes some minor bugs, improves support for Windows, and adds
> bindings to ZeroMQ's stopwatch interface (a high resolution timer).
> lua-zmq [1] provide complete Lua bindings of the ZeroMQ [2].  ZeroMQ is a
> light-weight but very powerful messaging library.  With it you can scale your
> application from multiple-threads to a cluster of servers.  ZeroMQ provides
> more then just point-to-point messaging, you can do Publish/Subscribe,
> Request/Response (with load balancing), or one-way Push/Pull (also with load
> balancing).  See the ZeroMQ guide [3] which has a lot of Lua examples.
> lua-zmq-threads is a sub-module of lua-zmq that wrap lua-llthreads [4] to
> provide Lua with an easy way to start multiple threads that share the same
> ZeroMQ context (this allows the threads to use the low-latency "inproc://"
> transport for messages).
> Rockspecs:
> zmq-1.1-1.rockspec
> threads-1.1-1.rockspec

Would it be possible to put official traditional tarballs some place
for make it easier for distro packagers? Its kinda inconvenient with
git snaptshots when you have to maintain stable distro releases.

Natanael Copa

Git allows tagging which this project has used therefore I would think [1] is the correct download link for version 1.1, although saying that a redirect from something like would be a good idea.