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Announcing lua-zmq & lua-zmq-threads release 1.1

This release fixes some minor bugs, improves support for Windows, and adds 
bindings to ZeroMQ's stopwatch interface (a high resolution timer).

lua-zmq [1] provide complete Lua bindings of the ZeroMQ [2].  ZeroMQ is a 
light-weight but very powerful messaging library.  With it you can scale your 
application from multiple-threads to a cluster of servers.  ZeroMQ provides 
more then just point-to-point messaging, you can do Publish/Subscribe, 
Request/Response (with load balancing), or one-way Push/Pull (also with load 
balancing).  See the ZeroMQ guide [3] which has a lot of Lua examples.

lua-zmq-threads is a sub-module of lua-zmq that wrap lua-llthreads [4] to 
provide Lua with an easy way to start multiple threads that share the same 
ZeroMQ context (this allows the threads to use the low-latency "inproc://" 
transport for messages).



Robert G. Jakabosky