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On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 2:23 PM, Christian Thaeter <> wrote:
> I once made 'ulua' a suexec and chrooting lua interpreter:
> It is in no means polished yet, but already somewhat useful.
> If you like it you can integrate this in safe-lua.

Interesting. How would this add to Safe Lua though? I am not sure how
it would fit in and for exactly what purpose. I am concerned with
doing stuff within the Lua universe, not so much with what is on the
OS level. (Although we will look at that too when we make a
Lua-centric OS or build some realworld apps.)

Robert G. Jakabosky wrote:
> For limiting memory usage I would recommend my Emergency GC patch:

> Using just a custom allocator (without EGC support) will not allows scripts to
> run reliably when they get close to the limit.

I see. I am currently not focused on the memory issue, but it's good
to know that solutions are available when we want to get airtight
there. Is your GC really stable? I see there is a stress test. Does it
pass? :D

Also, how does limiting memory for coroutines work with your GC? I
couldn't find an example. Is it done from within Lua?

I have always been interested in garbage collectors, I think they are
a fantastic addition to any programming language. Actually many things
just can't be done without them. I'm really glad the fight about
whether or not to have GC is mostly over. We still have crashing C++
programs, but hey, they're going out of fashion clearly.