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On Monday, August 01, 2011 05:31:59 AM Marc Balmer wrote:
> The sey without DRM; but they personalize the file.  That's stupid,
> not even O'Reilly does that.  When it comes to eBooks, the
> publisher could learn a lot from O'Reilly:  No DRM, no
> personalisation, and the explicit right to share the eBook, just
> like any physical book.

I think "stupid" is kind of a strong characterization, don't you? All 
of my eBooks are personalized, and I don't see how an honest person 
intending to follow copyright law could object to his book being 
marked "Prepared exclusively for John Smith".

I looked at and saw nothing giving the 
explicit right to share an eBook like a physical book. So I've written 
O'Reilly to find out what rights they explicitly grant and don't grant.



Steve Litt
Author: The Key to Everyday Excellence