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Lua 5.2.0 (beta-rc7) is now available at

MD5	b46d751cd4112afa31955a9458bb1118  -
SHA1	3b5be149e47bf05b3e2cfad8bad517c4b793a2eb  -

This is a beta version. Some details may change in the final version.

The changes from rc6 to rc7 are:
	- added check for "_M_IX86" in NaN trick
	- illegal escape sequences raise an error
	- line-breaks in the manual
	- added missing lua.hpp file

The main changes since Lua 5.1 are listed in

The complete diffs are available at

A test suite is available at

This release candidate will be the beta version if no glitches are found
in the next 10 days or so. We thank everyone for their feedback till now.

All feedback welcome. Thanks.