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On 24/06/2011 17.34, Alexander Gladysh wrote:
On Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 18:12, Lorenzo Donati
<>  wrote:
On 24/06/2011 13.29, Joseph Manning wrote:
On 2011-Jun-24 (Fri) at 13:17 (+0200), Patrick Rapin wrote:

Naw, there's a much simpler explanation -- the original poster
just had an unfortunate Lua Uppercase Accident :-)

Wonderful!!! I think this qualifies as the winner for "The Best Retronym for
LUA" contest!!!! :-D

I agree! That gem is definitely worth to remember for the next time.

(But we, as a community, are not very friendly to the OP, that's not
good. Someone should at least explain what just happened. ;-) )

Yes, actually!

To the OP: sorry for the humorous noise, but this list has been "bothered" for years by people spelling Lua as LUA. So whereas we usually are not religious zealots, sometimes we enjoy the sport of "oh no! another one who spell it LUA! - RTFM" game! ;-)

Lua IS NOT an acronym. It is the Portuguese word for "Moon". The rationale is better explained by someone else (look at the logo for an hint).

BTW, Portuguese is the language spoken in Brazil. Lua was born in Rio de Janeiro maaaany years ago.

See for more infos!