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On 24/06/2011 19.32, Lorenzo Donati wrote:
On 24/06/2011 19.08, David Kastrup wrote:
"Joseph Manning"<> writes:

On 2011-Jun-24 (Fri) at 12:29 (+0100), Joseph Manning wrote:

Naw, there's a much simpler explanation -- the original poster
just had an unfortunate Lua Uppercase Accident :-)

Umm ... it's probably rude to reply to myself, but maybe

Lua Uppercase Acronym

is a better, self-referential expansion of "LUA"

I consider it worse since it misses out on the message "I am wrong", the
actually innovative part.

I agree!

Moreover, its seriousness could even convince someone that Lua is
actually to be spelled LUA (urgh! cough! cough! :-D).

You know, from the time of FORTRAN and BASIC, acronyms are like spells:
yell it aloud (or litter your monthly report for the management with
them) and all your problems magically go away :-)))

Warning: likely flamebait ahead! ;-)

Mmmh, just a thought: I begin suspecting that the most ugly languages in computing history had acronyms as names (not sure ... Your opinion is welcome! :-)


FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, PHP, XML, HTML, SGML (as I was once told)


Pascal, Forth, Java, Lua :-) , Haskell (as I heard), Erlang (as I was told lately)

As for C and C++ ... well, they can be put in the middle ... :-)

-- Lorenzo