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Tony Finch <> writes:

> David Manura <> wrote:
>> <<name>> also reminds me of macros in literate programming,
>> (not that it is
>> often used).
> I think Knuth-style slice-and-dice literate programming is a
> thoroughly bad way to add a module system to Pascal, and should not be
> imitated in other languages.

It is not in the least bit a way to add a module system to Pascal, but
rather a manner for exposing and documenting the program structure.

> You should use the modularity and abstraction facilities of your
> language to order the exposition of the program instead.

That presumes that a program is best exposed in the same way to entities
executing the program, and entities understanding the program.

Architects and masons, however, tend to work from different descriptions
of the same building.

David Kastrup