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On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 11:24 AM, Jerome Vuarand
<> wrote:
> using). Also I never formally released it, it completely lack
> documentation and proper build stuff (I use a custom build system).

Ah, as Barbie says 'Documentation is hard!'.  Sometimes it easily
becomes the most work involved, especially if you are testing your
documentation system at the same time ;)  As for building, I just
provide a few batch files that cover the usual suspects, and include
the lakefile which I use myself.

> About strings, I opted for UTF-8 only on the Lua side, which I convert
> to UTF-16 when passing the strings to Windows (I use exclusively *W
> suffixed APIs when they exist). This doesn't work too well with stock
> Lua modules (io, os), I have patches for these to have the same
> behavior.

Yes, I notice that SciTE's Lua has also patched etc to play
nice with unicode.

It would be cool if there was a less drastic and platform-specific
solution to the Lua internationalization problem - obviously there
must be external iconv etc libraries involved but if the standard
modules had suitable hooks, it would not require patching the core.
Lua assumes that the underlying C runtime is competent and complete,
which is not necessarily true for some platforms (like the one we are

steve d.