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2011/6/9 Ignacio Burgueño <>:
> On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 5:45 AM, steve donovan <>
> wrote:
>> There was a recent discussion about how nice it would be if the
>> 'hundred or so' common Windows API functions were available as a
>> module. Well, this is not quite a hundred, but winapi provides a good
>> start [1].
> Hi Steve. This looks really nice. How does it compare to this other binding
> [1] by Jerome Vuarand?
> Skimming through the docs, it seems that your binding provides higher level
> stuff, like asynchronous operations.
> [1]

My lib is much lower level. Steve's lib could actually be implemented
on top of it (assuming I have a binding for all the APIs you're
using). Also I never formally released it, it completely lack
documentation and proper build stuff (I use a custom build system).

About strings, I opted for UTF-8 only on the Lua side, which I convert
to UTF-16 when passing the strings to Windows (I use exclusively *W
suffixed APIs when they exist). This doesn't work too well with stock
Lua modules (io, os), I have patches for these to have the same