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On 09/06/2011 10.45, steve donovan wrote:
Hi all,

There was a recent discussion about how nice it would be if the
'hundred or so' common Windows API functions were available as a
module. Well, this is not quite a hundred, but winapi provides a good
start [1].

The killer stuff I was waiting for! :-)
Thank you very much!

Just something about the name: "winapi". I'm not sure, but IIRC there could be MS trademark issues on that name (sorry, I really cannot remember more). Maybe a less MS-overloaded name could be better. Some poorman's suggestions: "luawapi", "luadoors"? ;-) after all it opens "doors" to new possibilities for the C-unsavvy Lua user!


A binary Lua-for-Windows compatible zip is at [4], and a source-only
zipball is at [5].  It builds happily with MSVC and mingw, both 32-bit
(Windows XP SP3) and 64-bit (Windows 7).

I downloaded the zipball and skimmed over the docs. Awesome! It's a pity I cannot put it to the test right now (really no time lately).
I hope I can get to play with it in a couple of weeks.

Just another suggestion (sorry if it is an already viable option - didn't have the time to dig in the docs or this thread other messages).

It will be very interesting for me using "winapi" to replace my autoit3 scripts. The only missing feature seems that that with autoit I can generate standalone exe files, while with winapi I could use srlua, but I still would need the external "winapi" DLL. It would be very cool to have a script to generate a single standalone executable by statically linking "winapi" to an exe generated with srlua.

steve d.


-- Lorenzo