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Tim Mensch schrieb:
On 5/19/2011 12:43 PM, Isaac Gouy wrote:
It's unfortunate not to notice that those "Which programming languages
are fastest?" pages, say again-and-again that isn't the question being

You're lying to yourself if you think
that a disclaimer means that people won't use the benchmark to determine
which languages are fastest. 


And by deciding to exclude LuaJIT, you're deceiving the next generation
of developers into thinking that Lua isn't a contender


It's whether the choice
helps people. It clearly doesn't, and may hurt them.
Very much seconded. There are parts were a benchmark will always be VERY misleading, but for some legitimate comparison, a benchmark, by implication, says it all.

Of course you can shoot somebody and then disclaim responsibility for anything that happened after the part that interested you. Say, aiming and holding a gun straight while firing.

"The Virginia Tech shooting in April 2007 once again pushed gun violence into the media headlines. There was no wish to be associated with or to trivialise the slaughter behind the phrase shootout so the project was renamed back on 20th April 2007" [1]

Oh. Ok. So, stretch him on a bench and then say you did not actually mean to inflict pain, but only collect information. Yeah, that's probably a more intuitive metaphore these days.

Once upon a time, Doug Bagley had a burst of crazy curiosity -

"When I started this project, my goal was to compare all the major scripting languages. Then I started adding in some compiled languages for comparison ... and it's still growing with no end in sight. I'm doing it so that I can learn about new languages, compare them in various (possibly meaningless) ways, and most importantly, have some fun. ... By the way, the word Great in the title refers to quantity, not quality (I will let the reader judge that). " [1]