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--- On Wed, 5/18/11, Eric Tetz <> wrote:

> From: Eric Tetz <>
> Subject: Re: LuaJIT missing from language shootout benchmarking site
> To: "Lua mailing list" <>
> Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2011, 11:02 PM
> Isaac Gouy <>
> wrote:
> >
> That makes it sound like the current maintainer hates the
> job; half
> the questions are answered with "It's a chore! Do it
> yourself!" 

That 3 point answer on the Help page does not mention "chores" or "chore", and was given specifically in reply to Tim Mensch's "... if your goals are to find the languages that perform the best."

The words "chore" and "chores" appear 5 times on the 3,500 word Help page.

The words "chore" and "chores" appear in 5 of 42 answers.

Of those 5 answers, 4 are simple variations of - "Because I want to do fewer chores not more! Why don't you use our measurement scripts and publish measurements for..." (Saying it once wasn't enough to get the message across.)

> Yet I don't see anything in the FAQ soliciting help or offering
> to transfer stewardship.

Perhaps you wish to take up Stefan Marr's suggestion? Start here -

> I agree it's unfortunate that the number one Google hit for
> "language
> performance", which contains a link asking "Which
> programming
> languages are fastest?", doesn't include LuaJIT.

It's unfortunate not to notice that those "Which programming languages are fastest?" pages, say again-and-again that isn't the question being answered.