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On Sat, May 14, 2011 at 12:15 PM, Peter Odding <> wrote:
>> So I went ahead and implemented that little command line utility. I
>> think it is better to isolate the core file filtering from the vim
>> plugin. I might be able to use vim's lua interface to code the plugin,
>> but maybe it will be better to use plain old vimscript and call the
>> external utility. Not sure yet.
> If your command line utility uses print() to report its results, you can
> intercept the output of the script when executed using the Lua Interface
> for Vim using Vim's :redir command.
> I'm attaching two files, a Vim plug-in and a Lua module. The plug-in
> will call the module using the Lua Interface for Vim if available, but
> fall back to executing an external Lua interpreter process. Here's a
> usage example of how you can call the function defined by the plug-in
> (just type this into Vim).
>  :call confirm(InvokeLua('myluamod', "Vim calls Lua"))
>  - Peter Odding
> PS. When the Lua Interface for Vim encounters a syntax error or similar
> while loading the Lua module, the require() call will return false and
> keep doing so (very annoying) unless you execute the following in Vim:
>  :lua package.loaded.myluamod = nil

Thanks Peter, this looks quite useful

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