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Hi Fabian,

thanks very much for your advice, it has solve my problem.

yes, I pass the method as self._Match, but call it directly, so it failed.  the correct style is: 
match(self, tblSvrPacket)   -- must pass the instance of class(self) to call it.
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主题: Re: OO in lua trouble: inherit
I think that you call both methods using "." instead use ":"

CLIENT_XCHAT._Match({}, 8) -- missing self, {} is self now and 8 is tblSvrPacket

Client._Observe({})   -- missing self in the call , {} is self now and Debug method non exist.

Regards Fabian.
Sorry, bad bad english.

On 06/05/2011 10:51 p.m., 陶陶 wrote:
Hi gus,

In my practice, I found two very strange behavior(please see attachment),  the detail as follow:
client.lua: line 195: attempt to call method 'Debug' (a nil value)
question: why it could not find the method?

client_xchat.lua: line 83: attempt to index local 'tblSvrPacket' (a number value)
question: the parameter is table, why it become the number?

could you give me some advice to solve this problem, thanks in advanced.

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主题: OO in lua new style: inherit
Hi guys,

I have found a new OO style,  it is very convenient, so share it for u, any suggestion is welcome.
Client = {
    __debug = false,                -- 是否调试模式
    __online = false,               -- 是否联机在线
    __timeout = 5000,               -- 默认超时时间

function Client:New()
    object = {}

    -- 对象方法继承
    setmetatable(object, self)
    self.__index = self

    -- 对象属性继承
    object.__debug = self.__debug
    object.__online = self.__online
    object.__timeout = self.__timeout

    return object

function Client:Delete()
    -- release resources

function Client:Print(...)
    print("Client: ", unpack(arg))

-- 继承基类对象
CLIENT_XCHAT = Client:New()

function CLIENT_XCHAT:New()
    object = {}

    -- 对象方法继承
    setmetatable(object, self)
    self.__index = self

    return object

function CLIENT_XCHAT:Release()

function CLIENT_XCHAT:Log(...)
    self:Print("CLIENT_XCHAT: ", unpack(arg))

-- Example
myClient = CLIENT_XCHAT:New()
myClient:Log("Hello world")

Andy Tao[陶祖洪]