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On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 10:37 PM, Patrick Mc(avery
<> wrote:
> Sorry for the flame war bait...... I need to make a decision and this list
> is an excellent resource.
> I know other list members are using Lua and C++ but nearly everyone else on
> this list, appear to be professional day-coders(and bright ones at that). I
> just program when I can.

i'm a sysadmin, i'm programming for fun :)

> I have wanted to build a GUI app for some time and I have also been recently
> tempted by Pythons libraries. I know there are many GUI language bindings
> and GTK is C by default but it seems that C++ would open up lots of GUI
> doors(+ documentation) and other libraries doors too, it's just that C++
> scares the hell out of me.

Try wxLUA, excellent and easy to use binding.

> It seems that there are a lot of people calling it bloated and buggy and
> even professionals seem to stick to a subset because it's so big.
> Would Lua allow me to stick to an even smaller subset? If so, do you have
> any recommendations about what parts of C++ to skim over and to use Lua for
> instead(like perhaps the string library?).

To learn C++ : Try Qt (the whole sdk, including QtCreator and QtDesigner).
Seriously, the docs and tutorials are excellents and you can write
some real world C++ appliactions without Complex<Stuff>
*like(template) or Meta[Weirdo](Programming);

And, of course, you can use Lua in your Qt program :)

Laurent "ker2x" Laborde
Sysadmin & DBA at