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On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 1:50 AM, Peter Cawley <> wrote:
> I'm currently undertaking more experimental work relating to code
> generation and bytecode verification in Lua 5.2. To test that
> everything produced by the code generator is accepted by the bytecode
> verifier, I'd like to pass it large amounts of syntactically correct
> Lua 5.1 / 5.2 code, the easiest source of which are large bodies of
> open source Lua code. I'm currently using the Lua files of the
> following projects in my test cases:
> * CorsixTH
> * Prosody
> * Penlight
> What other large bodies of open source Lua code are there?

As people have already mentioned there is an enormous body of Lua code
written for World of Warcraft addons. The default user interface for
World of Warcraft can be found in a mirror on Github [1]. In addition
the two major addon sites are WowInterface [2] and Curse [3]. In
addition there are development sites that may make the code a bit
easier to obtain. WowInterface has both Git [4] and SVN [5]
integration. Curse is fed by both WowAce [6] and Curseforge [7], which
have a mix of SVN, Mercurial and Git repositories depending on the

I have close ties with both websites and could speak with either if
you wanted to run any tests against such a large body of addons.

- Jim