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In the last few months I've been working on luaposix with Natanael,
but for a couple of months I've not had any reply to my emails.

I wonder whether anyone here happens to be in contact with him or know
what he's up to? I would like to continue to merge my changes into his
version, but since I need the new features I've added for my own
project, GNU Zile, I will have to make a (friendly!) fork if I can't
get hold of him soon, which I'd rather avoid because of the potential

I'd be happy to take over maintainership if Natanael is unable or
unwilling to continue. (Why does luaposix seem to get through so many

I would be very appreciative if any replies about Natanael could be
CCed to me if they are sent to the list, as I do not have much time to
read lua-l at present. (Equally, if you'd rather not, don't worry;
I'll try to check back here after a decent interval.)