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> 1. The Makefile assumes gcc. So we might as well use all gcc-specific flags
>    to get a better Lua core and interpreter, for some definition of
> "better".
> ...
> 2. The file all.c (aka one.c) allows Lua to be built as a single object
> file, >    and allows the compiler to generate better code and with just the Lua
> API >    as public symbols. We are considering building Lua in this way, so that
>    liblua.a will consist of a single object file.

I'm ok on both points. You could provide an alternative set of flags if one wants to build a debuggable interpreter (which, on the other hand, people that actually have a need for this would probably able to do themselves). Same goes for building as one file: if, for some reason, one needs it to be all separate object files, the same one would probably know how to do that.