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On 21 March 2011 14:37, Alexander Gladysh <> wrote:
> Belief in what exactly? I'm not arguing that your solution is fast. It can
> even be faster than LuaJIT 2 (though I still want to do benchmarking). But
> this does not make it viable for my production environment. I believe that
> I thoroughly explained the reasons yesterday — the risk is too high, the
> benefit is too low.

The biggest barrier to using fleece in your production environment is
going to be the license.

I don't want to wade into the argument about whether fleece's approach
is a good idea. I will say that I see why Alexander wouldn't want it
in his environment, but also see why Henning and others would be more
than happy to trade portability and future compatibility for speed. I
will say that the ability to make such tweaks is one of the advantages
of Lua and its simple design - at ~12Kloc, for many projects it
actually is feasible to import the whole thing into the main codebase,
and maintain patches to it as necessary if the benefits are deemed to
outweigh the disadvantages (such as those pointed out by Alexander).